Entries: YPB 2006


The entrants have selected the following as their best story posted (not necessarily written) in 2006. Note that all entries will be opened in a new window.


A Captain's Protocol

by Tayryn -- Rated PG-13. Chakotay discovers the truth of Kathryn's feelings for him and refuses to let her deny or walk away from it ever again.

A Private Party

by Mriana -- Rated NC-17. Voyager has returned home and now Kathryn and Chakotay have a party with only the two of them.

Accused -- Honorable Mention

by Judy Morrow -- Rated PG-13. Kathryn Janeway loves her crew just like she loves her family, but why do they suddenly hate her? What has she done that everyone thinks it's all her fault? No matter how hard she tries they blame her for things that go wrong and things that don't go wrong until they finally punish her by stranding her alone on a desert planet. Alone and miserable she fights for her life all the while wondering what she did wrong.

Camouflage -- First Place Winner

by Elem -- Rated NC-17. Kathryn and Chakotay are on shore leave and encounter several obstacles and problems. Some of their own making.

Circle of Time -- Second Place Winner

by Char -- Rated NC-17. Post endgame-The crew are scattered to the far corners of the Alpha Quadrant. Will time ever be on their side?

Freedom to Love

by Gine -- Rated NC-17. In the clear light of day, some bonds are undeniable, as are the consequences of finally acknowledging the truth.

Hostages to Fortune

by Andrea -- Rated PG-13. Sometimes it seens that Fate is against you no matter what you do,

Hunter's Passion

by Belanna -- Rated NC-17. Episode Addition to "Hunters"; Mark's letter doesn't hurt as bad as Kathryn thought.


by Kate04 -- Rated PG-13. This story takes place about a week after Unimatrix Zero II. It is very slightly AU. It is required for this story to work that Janeway was connected to the collective for at least a few seconds. So letís say that she was part of the hive for a few seconds before the away team was beamed back to Voyager.

Milk Run -- Third Place Winner

by Jot -- Rated PG. Post Endgame. Chakotay gets a new mission. JC

One Who Speaks -- Honorable Mention

by Elorie Alton -- Rated NC-17. Did Admiral Janeway's sacrifice in "Endgame" completely destroy the Borg?

Sex, Lies and Holoprograms

by Heather Lynne -- Rated PG-13. Harry falls for the wrong woman - again!Ē

Starless Skies

by Keanna -- Rated PG-13. While Valentines Day is being celebrated on Voyager, Chakotay whisks Kathryn away for a moonlight picnic. But when the Valentines spirit gets to them, it's not long before they end up crashing back down to the ground.

Starry, Starry Nights

by Delta Story -- Rated NC-17. Four people, four centuries and a single destiny...

Strangers Across A Crowded Room

by Rachael Gold -- Rated PG-13. A crowded bar, a half empty dance floor, and Kathryn is tempted to find comfort in the arms of an attractive stranger. Will she finally decide to move on? What will Chakotay have to say about this?

The First Moment

by Ky/Venom69 -- Rated NC-17. The fact that he blew his ship up to save hers? Just made her life

Wandering Spirit

by Camryn -- Rated PG-13. A 'Shattered' add on




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