J/C Eternal West Stacks -- Elorie's Adult Stories

Note that all of the stories here contain material of a sexual nature and are intended only for adult reading. All are rated NC-17 unless mentioned otherwise.

(Aeris: Yes, I put it in both places.  All of the stories that qualified Elorie for this award are NC-17.)

The Gift of Joy -- Parameters and protocol are thrown away with a little outside help.

The Souvenir -- Extended version of "The Gift of Joy".  A combined maintenance stop and shore leave bring changes in several relationships among members of the Voyager crew.

Fractured Bones, Mended Hope -- Kathryn Janeway deals with a broken ankle.  A "Busted" fic.

The Counter Maneuver -- Seska's "Maneuvers" were too obvious to make many aspects of "Basics" believable.  In this AU the crew of Voyager is able to answer many of her manipulations. In 4 parts, link takes you to part 1. The "Resolutions" fic.

Affirmation of Life, Affirmation of Love (Revised Version 05/15/08) -- My take on what happened on that moonlight sail on Lake George mentioned in "Coda".

The Wedding Charm -- Rated R.  Admiral Janeway unknowingly brings a message from the future for Chakotay.

The Valentine Proposal -- Kathryn and Chakotay at Voyager's "Welcome Home" party.

Passion in the Dark -- Kathryn and Chakotay are stuck in an offline turbolift.  Need I say more?  The Turbolift fic.

Pheromonal Predicament -- Shore leave brings unusual complications for four couples of Voyager.

Home Is... -- After the events of "Human Error", Kathryn receives a holoprogram from Gretchen.

Impossible Hope -- Another possible outcome of the storm in "Resolutions".

One who Speaks -- Much expanded version of a story written for Delta for VAMB's Secret Spook 2005. Post Endgame.  In 4 parts, link takes you to part 1.

The Heart's Decision -- Written for VAMB Spring Fling 2007.  Kathryn and Chakotay can't go on like this any longer...

Falls the Shadow -- Post "Unity", a vision quest turns into something more...

Love's Music -- Post "Hunters". A second letter for Chakotay brings about changes.

My Dreams Whisper Your Name -- VAMB Secret Santa 2007 entry

Nothing but Time -- What could be more irritating than ending up in the Q Continuum just after your first time in ten years?

Kathryn's Epiphany -- Sequel to "The Epiphany"


Other Fandom Adult Stories

Opening Hearts (Imzadi) -- What might have happened on Will Riker's and Deanna Troi's wedding night.   Takes place during Star Trek:Nemesis.


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