Walking With The Stars.


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Remembering magic moment from the past, Kathryn looks forward to the future.  

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Kathryn walked carefully along the path. She had wrapped up warm but the north wind cut through her warm coat.But even the bitter cold could not stop her looking upwards and watching the snowflakes fall. Her hood drifted off her head as she tilted it backwards to get an even clearer view of the star's.
She had seen so many marvelous sights in her travels  but none could move her like the beautiful vista that was playing out before her eye's
Through the whiteness of the falling snow star's twinkled, blinking and fading from view to reappear from behind the heavy laden clouds that shone in the moonlight as they sailed majestically overhead .
The smell of fresh snow filled her senses and the snowflakes that had landed on her cheeks melted  to mingle with the salty tears the trickled down her them.
The smile on her face was tender, as she remembered the walks taken many years ago hand in hand with her dad as they exercised her dog.
Whenever Kathryn walked late at night she recalled  those treasured memories of her father. She looked down the pathway making sure that no ice would hinder her, seeing that the route she would need to take was paved with virgin snow she looked back up towards the sky.
With her head looking up towards the star's she started to walk, then stopped and giggled.
It still worked. Here she was a grown woman, a respected admiral.Walking with her head facing the sky, tempting fate to place a obstacles in her way so she would topple over .
And for what, to see it the star's still stopped when she commanded them to.
Katheryn smiled and still looking upwards she  carried on walking.Then in a hushed voice she said " Stop" as she halted, so did the star's .
They shimmered thought the snow standing to attention, waiting for her next order. "Start" She walked haltingly and the star's followed. Although it was her voice that said these words it was her fathers deep tones  that had rippled down the years to sound fresh in her ears.
She almost felt her fathers hand in hers,  leading her along and her trust in him was so complete that she knew that he would never let her fall.
Suddenly she realised how ridiculous she must look. She pulled her hood back up over her head and started to walk purposely towards her house.
Standing in the shadows  leaning against a tree, stood Chakotay.
He had been on his way to collect Kathryn from her office.They were going to spend their first Christmas together with her family. He had been watching her for awhile it had taken him some time  to work out her weird behavior.
Chakotay had heard her giggle and although he could not clearly see her face he had sensed a calmness descend upon her.
The Marquis in him enabled him to follow her without her knowledge. He closed the distance between them in no time and just as his hand reached out to touch her shoulder her arm  had swung around and grabbed his  and spun him around. Chakotay was not expecting this and his body offered no resistant and he tripped over his own feet and landed ungracefully on his butt.Then fall backwards into the soft snow.
His face was a picture of indignity.  He laid spread eagle on the snow, as he glared at her looking like a  angry snow angel.
Kathryn looked down at him and smiled. She was very tempted to join him in the snow it was one fantasy she had yet to indulge. But unfortunately they were already late. Her mom would be wondering where they were. She worried if Kathryn was five minuets late these days. Kathryn understood this.The last time this had occurred she had been seven years late.
As if Chakotay could read her mind, he smiled that full dimpled smile that warmed her from the inside out. His eyes traveled down her body. Kathryn felt herself respond to him.
And as if he also realized that it was not to be.
Kathryn started to laugh and called him her own personal fallen angel.
" Are you saying that I am a Devil, Kathryn!? " Chakotay said  as he sat up and joined his hands together to scoop up a heap of snow, he molded it into a ball and took aim as he waited for her answer.
"Oh, I love my Marquis rebel, Chakotay, I think that you have corrupted me! " Kathryn dipped down and in a flash had made a snowball which she threatened Chakotay with.
Chakotay dared her to throw her snowball at him, "Hurry up, Kathryn, my butt is getting cold here!"
"Oh, Well I will just have to warm it up." Kathryn threw the snowball which landed directly in the center in his face.
Chakotay aim was way off, and his missile missed her completely.
"I think that we should go home now, Kathryn. I need to be defrosted, before something falls off!"
"Oh, Yes, we should then, I have grown accustom to every little part of you" Kathryn teased him.
"Little, Kathryn, that's not what you said last night" His voice was full of humour.
"Well, help this old man up, Kathryn"
"I don't think that you need much help in that department, Chakotay!!"
"Kathryn,!!" His laughed.
She held her hand out to him. Chakotay raised his arm and their hand's met  and their fingers entwined and with a strenght that belied her slender figure she helped him to his feet.
She realised that Chakotay was the only other man who had taken her hand since her father whom she knew would never let her fall.
They walked together in the snow and listened to the crispy sound their feet  made as they made braking into the fresh snow. Slowly they came to a halt and faced each other.
Kathryn's eyes looked upwards and her voice cracked as she said " It's beautiful, Isn't it Chakotay!?  No other planet, has this!"
She lowered her face till she was once again looking at him, "It's not only the view. Its the the combination of smell and sight that can trigger a memory. A memory so strong you can relive it, taste it, treasure it. Let it embrace you in its arms. Grow strong from recalling it.
She took his hand in hers and slid it out of its glove and turned it over as she studied it. It was a strong hand that had been used in anger often, but they had also made delicate carvings and wiped away tears from the women in his life. She had seen him in tender moments comforting B'Elanna when he had sensed  that her anger had hidden a painful emotion she was experiencing. Naomi had glowed in his attention. Even when he had become aware of Seven's intense crush on him he had been gentle with her as he had told her that they would never be a couple, his fingers had softly brushed  away a single tear the had trailed down her face.
Kathryn now knew how wonderful these hands could make her feel. At first neither had spent much time in foreplay, there was no need. Seven years of repressed feelings  had been given free _expression and their lust made them impatient. They would try to take their time and but their bodies needs were upper most. Till early one morning his hands and lips had finally started on that slow sensual dance.
Kathryn pulled his hand towards her lips and trailed her them over his fingers. Her lips sensed how cold his hand had become so she carefully wrapped her own gloved hands around his and rubbed his hand before she helped him on with his glove. 
Then moved his hand  to rest on her stomach.And waited for him to understand the reason behind this action.
They stood still, as she held the mans hand she loved more than life. the snow fell silently around them covering their footsteps. Their past faded away as the future called them.
She watched the wonder of her action register on his face. Tears pooled in his eye and his hand started to caress her.
"Happy Christmas, Chakotay."
He stood still stunned with a goofy _expression on his face.
Kathryn already knew their child would be a girl.
" I going to be a daddy!?"
Chakotay lips descended to linger tenderly on hers.
"Yes, my love, yes!" Kathryn suddenly shuddered.
"We best go home, Kathryn. Can't let my girls get cold. It is a girl? " His hand clasped her as he led the way home.
Kathryn smiled and nodded and squeezed his hand tightly.
She gazes upwards towards the stars and smiled.
And sent a private message to her father.
Our child will be loved dad, she will walk with the stars.

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