A Gift of Love -- PG


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As I looked up from my console, I see them. She stands before him, her hands almost intertwining with his. He is sitting in his chair, whispering words I can't hear. I will have to ask Tom if he heard any of it. They were now a couple, and it was so wonderful to see them finally together.

It all started almost two months ago, right after we had lost Kes. We had a week of R&R and we stopped by the next M class planet. Tom, B'Elanna and I were all on the alien planet relaxing in some sun when we heard giggiling sounds coming our way. We all three looked up and saw them. They looked like they had both had a few to many drinks and their hands were all over each other. I have to admit, my mouth dropped to the floor. I had heard B'Elanna snicker, and Tom had said something about a future poll.

She was in a green bikini top and bottom, and he had on some matching boxers. At one point in time they had stopped and talked. I couldn't figure out what they were saying. Then he laughed so hard and flung her into her arms swinging them around. He then placed her back in the sand and slowly brought his lips to hers.

"Maybe we should let them be." I said as I continue to staring at our command team as they shared a very- err intimate kiss.

"You're right, this is none of our business. Come on." B'Elanna said as she was pulling at Tom's arm.

B'Elanna and Tom carefully snuck away but I just stood there watching them. As they finished their kiss, they both turned and looked at me. I gasped as my cheeks turned a bright red, I was about to say something but then Chakotay winked at me, smiled and then grabbed the Captain's hand and continued to walk down the beach.

"Harry, what's wrong?" B'Elanna said to me as I was still staring at the couple who were now barely in sight.

"Nothing, It's just-" my voice faded.

"Just what?"

"I have never in all my three years I have been on this ship, have ever seen her so happy."

B'Elanna wrapped her arms around me and we started to walk the other direction. "Love has away of doing that to you, Starfleet. Hopefully that smile of hers will never fade."

As I continue to watch them on the bridge, their hands still touching, their voices barely being heard, I see that smile again. She does love him, she does need him. As I think now of what Kes had said, I smiled. "My Gift To You." not only was she saying that to the crew, but she was saying that to the captain and commander. She finally convinced them that no matter what time or place, love will always be there to concur our destiny, and that there was no better time than the present.


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