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This isnít real, it cannot last. I let myself be drawn into you, consumed by you, loved by you. You smile at me and my soul opens as never to anyone before; you touch me and I lose all control, never wanting to let go or go back to anything else.

You are all I have ever wanted, a waking dream that I never want to end: the way you just fill my arms; the way your body molds to mine; the way you shiver with my kiss.

Everything you do fulfills my deepest fantasies, from the way you smile when I arrive to your glowing, overwhelming release when we make love. You always know the perfect way to cheer me or to the exquisite touch to throw me into the heights of ecstasy.

Here there are no questions, you make no demands; you trust our destinies to my decisions. I marvel at how at peace you are when freed from all the responsibilities of the constant demands of your life, how relaxed and pliant and blissful you are Ė you are the woman I have always known to lay beneath the strict structure of rigid protocol.

I know this is wrong. You tell me otherwise, shushing me, teasing and soothing me with your warm breath and even hotter touch. But it is I who must be held accountable and take responsibility for my actions; you are pure and blameless.

Yet even as I lie here, admitting my transgressions, I plan for our next time Ė wondering how you can be more delectable, how we can reach new heights of fulfillment. For you are the Kathryn Iíve always wanted, the Kathryn I dream of night and day, the Kathryn who is always ready for me.

You are my creation, my holographic Kathryn.


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