The Orient Express 

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Chakotay, finally received an answer to a question he asked long ago.

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 The crew was exhausted, for the last three months they'd been travelling from one problematic situation to another.

 Now having reached a peaceful area of space there was ample time for the long awaited repairs to be carried out.

 The crew also needed time to repair its own flagging moral. Arguments were erupting spontaneously among many of the them. Often it was the
closest of friends that were at loggerheads.

 Neelix, being Neelix, decided that enough was enough and called an emergency meeting with his co-conspirator, Tom.

 They selected several holodeck programs and decided to hold a poll among the crew.

Eventually a holodeck program was selected of a journey aboard the Orient Express.

It was an elegant train that carried its passengers across Europe, and had been one of the popular train journeys of its time.

The crew was joining the train at three different stages of its journey. Kathryn and Chakotay would be spending one night aboard the train
and alighting in the South of France.

 Kathryn was looking forward to spending the following two days lazing on one of its beautiful beaches.

 Chakotay was looking forward to watching Kathryn lying on the golden sands.

 The premier cabins were occupied when Kathryn and Chakotay arrived late on the holodeck. Tom issued them with a smaller twin cabin.

When Kathryn asked for the key to open their cabin door, she'd been somewhat shocked to be informed that the train doors were never locked.

A guard would be positioned in each isle of the carriages to keep an eye on the train passengers as they slept behind the closed doors of
their cabin.

 "Well! Would you look at this?" Kathryn said as she stood surveying the cabin that Tom had to allocated them.

She slowly looked around and saw two interconnecting cabins which created a private lounge with settee, sideboard and small coffee table,
this cabin led into a sleeping compartment with an upper and lower bed.

 In the corner of the sleeping department stood a washbasin with a pile of neatly folded Ďhis and hersí towels stacked on a nearby cabinet.
It began to dawn on her that they would be sharing sleeping quarters.

Kathryn finally turned to face Chakotay to glimpse the remnant of a smile playing across his face.

Chakotayís hand awkwardly moved to touch his ear, his fingers played nervously with his earlobe, and then stepping over their luggage he
walked into the bedroom and sat down and said, "I bag the bottom bunk."

 Kathryn followed on his heels, glaring at him while reaching out and placing her hands palm down on the ivory silk bedspread that covered
the top bunk. She pushed upwards but the bunk bed was too high to get the leverage she needed.

Her feet dangled in mid air a few inches away from Chakotayís face.

 Chakotay fought the impulse to place his hands around her waist and push her up onto her bed. He sat watching her as she struggled, until a
flailing foot connected with his nose!

Chakotay forgot about the top bunk and reacting spontaneously, he stood up whacking his head on the framework of Kathrynís bed. The
structure shuddered and swayed slightly, loosening Kathryn tentative hold on the top bunk.

She fell, squealing ungracefully as she landed with a thud on her backside.

Unfortunately Chakotay moved from under the top bed at the same time to once again connect with one of Kathrynís wayward feet her legs
swinging upwards as her butt bounced off the floor.

Kathrynís foot aimed with uncoordinated accuracy, found its target and landed with full force in the junction between his legs.

Chakatoyís knees gave way and he joined Kathryn on the floor. He had often dreamed of having her prostrate under him, but somehow the
circumstances were never this surreal.

Tuvok was passing their cabin and raised his eyebrow at the sounds he heard emanating from their room.

Kathryn ended up flat on her back with her arms flung over her head. So many parts of her body throbbed in pain that each ache cancelled out
the other until she felt numb.

Opening her eyes she came face to face with Chakotay, his features all scrunched up and a tear was trailing down his face.

She waited until his gasps for breath became less urgent and he opened his eyes. Their bodies were flush against each other allowing them to
exchanged body heat which seeped into them helping to ease their aches and pains.

Several minutes passed as they both lay there, neither one wanting to be the first one to move.

As their pain faded and the humour of their situation started to filter though, the stress of the last few weeks started to diminish.

Kathryn smiled, her eyes sparkling with mischief, seeing her face light up Chakotay returned a full dimpled smile that danced across his
tear stained face.

"Maybe it would be safer if you took the top bunk?" Kathryn managed to make her words clear between her now uncontrollable laughter.

Chakotay tried to keep a straight face, but eventually joined in, and collapsed against her as laughter weakened his control of his body.

 The train choose that moment to leave the station, swaying sideways as it gathered speed, their bodies moved effortlessly in rhythm to the
beat of the train as it became the choreographer of their movements.

Their bodies brushed and swayed against each other. Just as they thought they were getting control of their movements the train sped over
points in the track that changed the direction of the train, forcing their bodies to bounce off each other in an intimate rhythm.

Kathryn blushed as Chakotay was flung flat against her repetitively, in a very suggestive manner.

Chakotayís look of stunned amazement almost triggered Kathrynís laughter again, but the primitive tempo of their bouncing bodies distracted

The air between them crackled with energy, their bodies were sizzling with desire, the temperature in their cabin raised with every thrum of
the train.

All the while their eyes never lost contact, in fact with each meeting of their bodies their gaze intensified.

Although they had never been lovers, their bodies seem to know the contours of each others well. They moved together like dancers who knew
their steps, it felt more like a reunion than first contact.

 Slowly the train came to a halt. As it shuddered to a standstill they finally managed to disentangle themselves.
Kathryn stood up bringing her hand up to brush away the wayward strands of hair that escaped from her bun, she smiled at Chakotay who got up
from the floor very carefully and was looking decidedly ruffled.

"Chakotay, you take the top bunk, I'll sleep under you!"

He stood rooted to the spot recalling the time when he'd asked her if she would serve under him.

As she bent to slide under the top bunk, she turned her head up to face him, and gave him such a stunning smile that his legs almost
buckled. Just as she vanished completely from his sight she winked at him!

His fingers gripped the upper mattress until his knuckles turned white.

After awhile, Chakotay started to relax his grip on the top bunk regaining control of his body as his mind dealt with the vivid pictures his
imagination summoned up earlier.

Suddenly the train lurched forward without any warning catching him unaware, his fingers slid through the silk bed cover and once more
Chakotay found himself lying on the floor of the cabin.

Kathryn rolled over onto her side, rested her head on her hand and peered out from under the top bunk at him and said, "Remember when you
asked me if I would serve under you Chakotay?"

Chakotay was amazed at her question, did she read minds as well.

He pushed himself up on his elbows raising his head so their eyes met, he smiled before he replied, "Every day, Kathryn!"

She slid over to the far side of her bunk and holding her hand out to him she whispered, "Lay with me"

Chakotay and Kathryn were both sound asleep in each otherís arms when the train headed down a steep incline which met a sharp bend in the

The cabin doors all swung open together like synchronized swimmers flapping in unison with the tempo of the train.

Tom was passing the last cabin as the doors swung open, and could not resist the temptation to peek in at the occupants. Gazing through the
small lounge he looked passed the open connecting door into the sleeping quarters..

A smile lit up his face as he saw his captain and the commander lying in each otherís arms on the bottom bunk bed.

He would never admit he had a single romantic bone in his body, but a lump caught in his throat at the sight before him.

The light from the lounge flooded into their bedroom giving the scene an ethereal effect.

Utter contentment graced his captains face as it lay on Chakotay shoulder, her long titan hair draped across them both.

Tom felt a tenderness toward his captain swamp him. He, like many others aboard Voyager sometimes ceased to see the Captain as a woman. 
This last year she'd hid her femininity behind the pips of command.

She looked beautiful, and Tom was a little shocked at the protective feelings that he felt while looking at the tableau before him.

The captain was a strong leader, and capable of defending her crew and Voyager against anything the D.Q. could throw at them. But Tom knew
some of her personal history, and instinctively understood that her heart was fragile.

He would personally space Chakotay if he ever hurt his captain.

Chakotay was woken by an eerie sensation of being watched, his eyes flashed with panic when he opened them and found himself looking
directly in to Tomís blue eyes.

Tom placed his finger against his lips, sending a signal for Chakotay to remain silent.

Then he whispered, "Itís OK Commander, my lips are sealed."

Chakotay held Tomís gaze with a dangerous gleam in his eyes until he read the truth of Tomís statement in his eyes.

The two men smiled, both realising that their friendship was flourishing despite its unfavourable start

Tom gave a quick salute as he gently shut the cabin door.

He would honour his promise. The captain gave him a second chance, when almost everyone including himself thought he was beyond redemption.

Tom was the happiest he'd ever been, and would always remember the woman lying in her lovers arms was the person who had led him back onto
the straight and narrow.

In every other carriage a holographic character sat guard over the sleeping passengers, but Tom deleted the guard on this section. He would
look after his captain.

He coughed and looked up and down the narrow passageway making sure that nobody was up and about. Seeing that he was alone his hand raised
to quickly wipe away a single tear of happiness that fell down his cheek.

His captain was now happy, and if the side effect of this was one ecstatic commander, well, Tom could live with that.

He wished his command team a long and happy life together. He would let them tell the crew about the change in their relationship, and if
they decided to keep their affair to themselves, so be it.

In their cabin Kathryn and Chakotay slept soundly side by side.

The next two days were spent in a small seaside hotel where the owner had been programmed to be discreet.

They only saw the golden beaches from their balcony where they watched, bathed in the heat from the sun as the waves lapped gently upon the

After returning to duty they maintained the stance of command as they served together on the bridge but in the privacy of their quarters
protocol was banished.

There, both would be spending the rest of the voyage home, either giving or receiving pleasure while serving under the other!

 The End.

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