Under the Mistletoe

By AdmiralAeris

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: All Voyager characters are the property of Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended.


Setting: Late third season, shortly before "Scorpion". Chakotay’s POV.


She is particularly beautiful tonight.

Even still in uniform, she manages to convey the Christmas spirit simply by replacing her usual sedate hairclip with a big red bow and adding a pair of festive earrings.

I continue to stare at her as she makes her way through the decorated messhall, speaking with Kes, with Harry, and even with the Doctor before finally stopping at the only empty table. She doesn’t seem to notice that someone had hung a sprig of mistletoe just over the chair.

After wrestling with my conscience for a few seconds (respect her protocols, Chakotay; kiss her, Chakotay) I meander over to her, gather her into my arms, and kiss her. Surprisingly, she does not pull away but rather returns my kiss with such enthusiasm that the bells on her earrings jingle slightly.

As we pull back for air, I say, "Kathryn, what…"

She interrupts me by placing her hand on my chest. "Chakotay, for nearly two years I have waited for something, anything to let me know that you want more. I even stood here in hopes that you might recognize the old tradition of mistletoe and kiss me. Chakotay, I…"

Now it is my turn to interrupt her and smile. "Well, in that case, I suppose you’d like to join me on the holodeck tomorrow night?"

Returning my smile with one of her own, she said, "You’ve got a date!" before pulling my body to hers and kissing me as passionately as I kissed her.



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