Liquid Arrows

Liquid Arrows G rated.

Thanks to Gine for the Title and Beta reading the story, and to everyone in chat for their encouragment   Thank you, Elorie and Areis for hosting my stories


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The rain falls slowly at first, then the beat begins to quicken.
Raindrops splash against the window,
making pathways through the dirt that has collected there.

Have you ever passed time watching raindrops!?
Like life they never go the way you expect.
They drop so full of purpose, but soon they roam off course.

I sit and watch, mesmerised at the patterns the raindrops make.

Many of them join together,
making a blurring wash of water against the window,
which slides down the window pane together.

Two of them interweave, briefly joining together.
Then reluctantly they pull apart,
both taking a little piece of each other,
as they continue alone in their journey.

Then there is the single raindrop that evades all the other.
Never once touching other raindrops.
Skillfully it slips and slides to its destination.

If my crew could see me now, sitting here,
contemplating raindrops!

I stand up, and walk to the the door and step outside.
I raise my face towards the dark sky, letting the rain fall on me.

It's so refreshing. The rain feels cool against my face, and I start walking in the rain.
The water seeps into my clothes, the dampness spreads a cold warmth on my body.
But it's not enough, so I take off my jacket.

I need to feel, just need to feel something other than this total numbness that has engulfed me.

Walking in only my tank top and trousers, I trudge through the darkness.
The wind has started to howl, making it's own eerie kind of music.
The trees sway and their branches dance to the winds song.

The louder the wind sings, the faster I walked.
Now I run, splashing through the puddles.
The rain's liquid arrows sting my face.

Pounding through the woods,
I recall events of the day,
events that I can no longer block out from my mind.

They sat across from each other in the mess hall !
It was the smile that gave their relationship away.
That extra second their eyes lingered together,
and the tenderness in their gaze, that they could no longer hide.

Then I knew!!
Knew the Admiral had spoken the truth.
They were together.

Chakotay saw my reaction to their silent exchange,
and for a second I saw a question in his eyes,
he looked puzzle, stunned even!
They asked me to join them at their table!
I refused of course, saying that I had holodeck time booked, which was true.

So this is why I am running in the rain,
will I ever run fast enough to escape the thoughts of them together?

The storm is gathering strength,
faintly in the distance I can hear the roar of thunder.
I run even faster.

I can't breath.

Gasping for air I stop and lay down on the grass,
I turn on my side and with the rain hiding my tears I cry.

The rain is still falling, the thunder has been joined by lightening,
and I remember another storm, a storm when I had someone to hold me.
A storm when I was not alone.

Tomorrow we will arrive home.
There will be no where to run.
No one to turn to.

A hand touches my shoulder, gently it turns me over.
Eye's look deep into mine, they understand my pain.

Arms reach and pull me forward into a warm embrace.
Holding me close.

I hear a voice call for the rain to cease,
and orders are given for our transportation to my quarters.

Once more I feel running water, the hot water of my shower,
as the soothing water cascades over my body.

As I leave the bathroom,
a hand supports my elbow and gently leads me to a chair,
I sit and make myself comfortable, I am offered a steaming cup of coffee.

"Kathryn, Look at me"

 Our eye's meet.

"Kathryn, Tomorrow I will change our Future"

The voice is gentle, the words so softly spoken, and full of hope.

Hope and Trust, that I will take this second chance.

 Our eye's continue to hold, as our souls promise each other this time, would be our time.

The Admiral begins to smile,
my smile reflected back at me.

Like a mirror image.

As I smile back.....................

The beginning.

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