J/C Eternal West -- Elorie's All Ages Stories

Mates and Manipulations -- Rated PG.  For there to be an "endgame" there must be an actual game being played.  This closer look at the game and the players of the endgame is primarily from Admiral Janeway's pov. 

A Valentine Vignette -- Rated PG-13.  A Valentine's Day talk in the bedroom. 

Searching for Home -- Rated PG.  Just what was the "protocol" that kept Kathryn and Chakotay apart for seven years, and who was really at fault?

Behind the Facade -- Rated PG.  Chakotay helps Kathryn through the aftermath of the Equinox incident.

Traditions -- Rated PG.  Kathryn and Chakotay's first Christmas together in Federation space.

The Three Queens -- Rated PG-13. The tales of the final three Borg queens (no, "Before Dishonor" is broken and does not count).

Hell of a Hull Breach (PG)

Day 2 in the Delta Quadrant (G)

The Epiphany (PG)






Chaos to Order -- Rated PG.  The Admiral and the Borg Queen's confrontation.

The Adoption -- Rated G.  Kathryn muses after "The Gift".

Let Me Hold You -- Rated G. Chakotay's musing on Kathryn.  Companion piece to Mriana's "Hold Me".  Hosted by Mriana on the same page as "Hold Me".

The Way Hunters Should Have Ended -- Rated PG.  The title explains it all...

Untitled drabble


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