The Last Goodbye

G rated.

Chakotay finally receives an answer to an old question.

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The sky hung low; almost falling into the horizon that sat seamlessly on the smooth dull green sea.

Gentle ripples lapped upon the stony shore and the surrounding air waited expectantly. Time slowed as a boat sailed sedately further away towards the horizon.

Five people occupied the tiny sailing vessel, and they sat silently.

Every so often a larger wave lifted the boat on its shoulders then placed it down again carefully as if even the elements were aware this was a sad journey.

The boat dropped anchor, and bobbed gently in the vastness of the sea.

A haunting tune filled the air. Four of the people aboard stood up, reaching out to clasp hands they formed a circle.

The musicís melodic beat drifted through the air. Their hearts picked up the tunes rhythm and began beating in unison. Which, in turn sent a beat thumping through their bodies to throb against their palms. It connected them, not only to the music, but their shared pain, sadness and grief. They were filled with oneness, not only with each other, but with nature.

In the center sat a lonely figure holding a decorated object close to her heart. Her eyes were beyond tears.

As the music played, the sea became becalmed. Nothing moved as time waited, patiently.

Time, knew trillions of moments like this, moments that could not be rushed.

The lone figure stood. Time waited. Faint glimpses of stars appeared as twilight fall.

The circle broke, allowing the woman in the center free access to the sea.

She stepped forward. Opening the urn she raised it to face the sky. Letting the spirit it carried, see one last time the stars above that once been his playground.

Very few people knew that Tomís first love was the sea.

Three women, Belanna, Miral and Kathryn, knew. They honoured his last request, allowed Chakotay and Harry to made the arrangement for this final journey.

Particles of Tom floated reluctantly away from the caress of his wifeís hand; they rode the air thermals. Dancing recklessly like children freed from their classrooms early.

Some particles started to drift downwards, landing to cling to the top of the waves, floating upon them before they vanished to dive under the sea.

He was going; the small group of people clustered together united in their grief. Watching till the last specks of Tom ashes disappeared from their sight.

Twilight danced without notice into night, lights were lit as they prepared to leave.

The anchor was raised, and the retuning tide carried the boat slowly back to shore. It took ages for the vessel to reach land, but there was no hurry.

On the journey towards shore, each person recalled memories of Tom.

Between their tears, laughter loomed; it cradled them in its healing arms, so, for a moment the pain subsided. It would never leave them, but the recalling of Tomís antics dulled their grief.

Tomís spirit watched, their teary smiles lessen his hold on this reality.

He never wanted to leave them, but their love made his going more peaceful.

As the boat landed and they alighted onto the shore, they each felt the pain of Tomís going.

All knew, the road without him in their lives would be dimmer.

But, each person had had his or her lives enriched by loving him . He would live forever in their hearts.

The End

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