by Cath

Rated G

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I wrote this after reading ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ a book about children who were evacuated from the big cities of England during the Second World War. It made me wonder about the children who were left at home when Voyager was flung into the Delta Quadrant.

Our dad’s coming home today. It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep. I’m much too excited to sleep. I tried every trick I know to stay up as long as possible but they didn’t work and mom made me go to bed.

Me and Tommy were playing cards, gin rummy, mom went off it, she says we’re far too young to play games like that and if she ever finds out who taught us she’ll skin them alive. I better not tell her it was Boyar. I know he’s a nice shade of blue and all that but I don’t think his mom would like it.

I’m not in the slightest bit sleepy. Mom put the heater on for a while and the bedroom was lovely and warm when we came up but I still can’t sleep. Tommy’s lying in his bunk snoring his head off. I don’t know how he can. All I can think about is meeting Dad.

I wasn’t born when he went away and now I’m eight, well nearly eight. It’s a good thing mom sent him pictures or he’ll not know who I am. Even Tommy looks a lot different. He was five when Dad left so that makes him…….twelve. We talked about it a bit cause I was a bit bothered but Tommy says not to be so bloody daft. But I don’t think it’s daft. He doesn’t know me and he might not even like me.

Mom says I look just like him but I’ve seen the holovids and that is daft. He’s huge, really tall with big hands. The only bit that looks like me is the black hair and mine’s dead long.

I’ve been lying here all night just thinking about him coming. I bet mom will cry. I’ve seen her looking at his picture and she gets all sniffly and then she blows her nose when she sees me watching.

She’s spent all day cleaning the house and washing things. I think she’s had everything we own through the refresher. And she baked. I mean really baked…….didn’t use the replicator once even. We went to the shop and bought fresh stuff for tomorrow so dad can have a nice home cooked meal she says.

I wonder what he’s been eating on the ship. I thought it was supposed to be an extra special super dooper type ship. You would of thought they could feed him proper.

She took me down to the doctors too to get my eye fixed. I don’t see why mom was so angry. Boyar was being his usual horrible nerdy self. He said dad was a rebel and a fugitive, so I punched him on the nose. She was really, really mad at me and made me apologise. She said little ladies don’t do things like that. Honest I have never been so embarrassed in my life. When she got me home she went crackers again then she said anyway it was true and sent me to my room.

Well….. I didn’t know what a rebel and a fugitive was. It was the way he said it that made it sound bad. Tommy was quite nice about it. I think I’d thumped Boyar before he could. He said everybody knew now that the Maquis were right all along so it wasn’t a bad thing being a rebel and a fugitive like dad’s kind anyway.

I think I’ll have to ask dad when he gets here cause I thought he was in Starfleet, not the Maquis. He’s got a Starfleet uniform on in the pictures and Tommy says he’s a security officer and even a Lieutenant, so somebody has got it mixed up somehow. Lieutenant Michael Ayala…………that sounds really good. I definitely reckon they’ve got it wrong. My dad’s one of the good guys.

It must be nearly time to get up now. I can hear the people outside going into the park. I wonder if we will have time to go play a bit before dad comes. I’ve got a horrible feeling mom is going to do the bathing and scrubbing and Sunday best clothes thing today. I’ll have to wear a dress………… I hate wearing a dress.

I can hear mom moving about. I can’t stay in bed any longer.

Mom doesn’t look as if she’s slept a lot either. I reckon she must be as excited as me. I bet dad will be really glad to see her. She’s really pretty our mom even if she is only little. Tommy’s nearly as tall as she is. He takes after dad that way mom says.

She says we’ll leave Tommy to snore for a while and we sit and have breakfast together just the two of us. I like it when its just mom and me, cause boys can be so noisy sometimes.

Dad should be home about three so I better give mom a hand. I can’t see what there’s still to do after yesterday. She’s going to make everything smell like a hospital if she doesn’t stop soon.

It’s one now and we’ve just finished dinner. We had a bit of a panic when the dog came in and walked mud all over the floor but Tommy helped mom to clean up. Patch is his dog anyway but he didn’t get half as wrong as he would have because he offered to help. He’s not stupid our Tommy……..for a boy that is.

I think I’ll go to my room and make a welcome home banner for dad to put in the window. I think he’ll like that.

God I hope he likes me.



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