The Gate

My first story, 24 /01/2005 inspired by one of Gilly's picture's, called the Gate. 

Thank you, Elorie and Areis for hosting my stories.


Disclaimer: All Voyager characters are the property of Paramount. No
copyright infringement is intended.

Chris and Michael, thank you for beta reading it.


The scent of the flowers and their beauty enticed him to walk further along the pathway, leading him to three steps., At the top of the steps, the gate was open, inviting him in, but he was hesitant. On entering would he be lost forever in the mist?. It was thirty years since his soul had total peace, would he find it again today?!

The stillness in the air made his footsteps echo, giving him the eerie feeling he was not alone, Taking control of his fears, he climbed the steps. Slightly shaking hands pushed the gate wider, enabling Chakotay to pass through, but through to where?! He had no idea where this pathway would lead him, only that he was compelled to follow.

As he walked the mist became thicker, his footsteps became heavier. Seeing the faint outline of a tree, Chakotay made his way carefully there. Putting his hands out in front of him pushing away branches, their leaves brushed gently against his face. He could smell the stale musky odour of fallen leaves, that had collected at the base of the tree.


Chakotay moved his foot in a circle, pushing the dead leaves away from the base of the tree. Then slowly with his back against the trunk of the tree, he slid down until he reached the ground. Pulling up his knees to his chest, Chakotay's head fell forward to rest against them. Closing his eyes, he listened to the blood pounding in his ears. Where was this, and why was he here?


The last thing he remembered before he arrived in the pathway to the gate, was sitting down, using old fashion pen and paper, to write an eulogy for Kathryn. While Chakotay sat there pondering this, the mist thicken even more, and embraced him like a lover, as he began to fall asleep. He felt something brush against the side of his face. Putting his hand up to brush away what he thought was a falling leaf, it was caressed, the touch sent a warm, comforting feeling that reached into his soul, love surrounding him like an embrace. He could not open his eyes, but he felt that smile. He knew, he had always known, only one person's touch could give peace like this ,Kathryn's.

It had been thirty years since they had seen each other. They had both chosen to go along different paths. Both had lived good lives, but somewhere deep within their beings, they could never break that special bond that had formed. Now death tried!


Chakotay lifting up his head so Kathryn could see his smile, that full dimpled smile he knew she loved. He wanted to go to her. He needed to go to her! Then he realised, he could not move. His eyes were still closed, but a lone tear seeped out of the corner of one eye. As the mist vanished, the heat from the early morning sun filtered thought the trees. Dappled rays played across his face drying his tear.

Suddenly he was surrounded with coloured light that played all around him giving him the power to move. He slowly unfolded his large frame and stood up. He stood still while the lights danced around him.

Chakotay open his eyes, nobody was there, but he sensed Kathryn's present. Heard her voice in his head.

"I am dead Chakotay" she said.

 "I know Kathryn" he replied," I know"


The grief he felt at this acknowledgement shook his total being. He felt a despair he'd never known before He wanted to join her! Then he felt Kathryn's arms slid around him, pulling him into an embrace, which spread a deep joy into his soul. Her love for him was more than he ever dreamed, she held nothing back. He had felt so complete, he moved his arms to encompass Kathryn.........................................................
Chakotay's body jumped away from his desk, tear's running down his cheeks. What had happened was not a vision quest. Had it been a dream or wishful thinking?! He wiped away his tears. Whatever it was, it had given him peace, Kathryn had visited him to say goodbye.
Picking up his pen, he turned his writing pad over; he was surprised to see written there, in a elegant hand where the words, "Chakotay, you are not alone". His own words of long ago echoed back to him.

Chakotay smiled, trust Kathryn. Now he knew what had happened, it was just an old fashion haunting. He could live with that, and he would live for her. Live the rest of his life with joy, because Kathryn was waiting for him.
One day, one day........................................

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