This is where I put our favorite pictures and original artwork of Janeway and Chakotay.

Aeris's Original Art:

Real Media works

"Only a Touch"

"Just Hold Us"

"The Angry Warrior"

"Under the Mistletoe"

"Victorious Warrior"


"Another Vision Quest"

"On The Couch"

Collages and Fiddles

JC Around the World (graphic for VAMB)

Picard/Crusher wallpaper

The Maquis Valentine Collection -- Entry for VAMB Secret Valentine 2006

A 3D collection of Janeway renders -- Entry for VAMB Secret Santa 2007

Digital 3D Art

"What Seven Found in Chakotay's Quarters"

Action Figure Customs

Admiral Janeway from "Endgame"


Larger versions of the title graphics are available here as well. Not all stories have graphic title pages yet due to lack of specific content.

Title Pages for Elorie's Stories:

Title Pages for Aeris's Stories:

I also have a banner if you wish to link to my page:

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Elorie also draws some:

Dr. Leonard McCoy

J/C 031709


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