Dear Aunty Kes!

by cath

Rated G


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Janeway and Chakotay. Chrissie Golden owns the characters named in her books. No copyright infringement is intended.

Another after they came home story. What can I say TPTB left a lot of openings and this is a bit of silliness I fitted in to one of them?


Chakotay shared a turbolift ride to the bridge with Tom Paris and Vorik. It felt a little like old times. Except now he was the Captain of Voyager, Tom his First Officer and Vorik his Chief Engineer. As they stepped from the lift Lieutenant Tare rose to her feet and called ‘Captain on the Bridge’. Offering a crisp ‘As you were’ Chakotay reflected that he was still going to have to do a lot of work to produce the relaxed but efficient bridge crew Captain Janeway had achieved. He smiled to himself at the thought that it was probably a brand of magic unique to her and that he would be wasting his time. But he would try all the same.

He let his mind drift back to the last time he had seen her. They had met for a quiet evening at Sandrine’s with Tom and Kaz, his Trill medical officer who had fast become a friend since their return to the Alpha Quadrant and its subsequent excitement. It had been a quiet evening of shooting pool, downing a few drinks and friendly conversation. A pleasant interlude but one he realised that had left him feeling a little empty.

He rose, trying to shake off his sudden melancholy thoughts, handed over the bridge to Tom and retired to work in his ready room. The pile of Padds on his desk had started to diminish nicely when Harry Kim called for admittance.

"What have you got for me, Harry?" he asked nodding towards the Padd in the Lieutenant’s hand.

Harry chuckled, holding out the Padd to Chakotay, "Mail Call, Captain and this is an odd one even for us. I thought that you would like to deal with it yourself."

"Odd, Harry?"

"Oh it’s definitely that, Captain."

Dismissing Harry with a quick thank you, Chakotay settled down to read the ‘odd mail’.

Odd indeed. It was addressed to Kes. Now who on Earth would be writing to Kes? He didn’t think anybody outside of the crew and those in the know at Starfleet even knew about Kes.



Dear Kes

I am writing to you because I was watching a show on Uncle Tom’s old TV. It is real neat. He says everybody who was anybody had one in the 21st century. Anyway there was this programme on and it was all about people writing about the problems they have to the newspapers. Isn’t it cute having news on bits of paper? Mom says it’s unhygienic but Aunty Kathy has books on paper and that’s okay. Grown ups are so confusing at times.

I thought it was a bit naff writing your problems to a total stranger but Uncle Tom says sometimes you can’t talk about some things to people you know because it would be too embarrassing and that its cathartic (I had to look that one up, it’s a neat word isn’t it) to let it all out and you feel better. Anyway again, he says you were the one on Voyager who everybody told their problems to and that you’d changed into a ball of light magic person and you never got off when everybody else did, so I thought seeing as you are still there and magic, you would probably be a bit bored by now so I have this problem you see.

Well, it’s not exactly my problem, it’s my Aunt Kathy’s. I think she’s lonely cause she hasn’t got anybody like Mommy has Daddy and Aunty B’Elanna has Uncle Tom and I heard Uncle Tom say that’s cos Commander Chakotay, who is now a Captain… Did you know that? I bet you do being magic and all. Well Commander Chakotay had gone off with Seven, who I quite liked till I heard that. Anyway Aunt B’Elanna said that was only because she was pectorally advantaged (and I looked that up too but I couldn’t find it) I think she was trying not to tell me cos she looked at me funny to see if I was listening and I pretended not to be. Anyway he isn’t with her any more and I know Aunt Kathy still likes him cos she has a picture beside her bed and I thought you could fix it with him to make her happy and not lonely any more.

Thank you

Love from Katie.

Chakotay stared at the Padd in his hand, his mind numb. Then a huge smile spread slowly across his face.

The little minx, the wonderful, interfering, matchmaking little minx. He pictured eight year old Katie carefully composing her letter, red headed, the spitting image of her aunt and obviously with the same devious mind.

Spirits, he’d all but locked away that piece of himself that had fallen in love with Kathryn years ago and turned it into the great friendship they had now. He’d thought they had now.

So she had his picture by her bed, did she?

His thoughts flew into action. He’d have to handle this very carefully.

First he better make sure nobody else had seen this. He looked down at the Padd; no, Harry had keyed it for his eyes only and had downloaded the mail himself.

Then he’d better have a word with a certain little girl and with a certain first officer too come to that.

He’d have to plan how to handle the bigger version very carefully. He was woefully out of practice. He hadn’t actually had to court Seven she had made all the running. It had been an extended exercise in her relationship lessons rather than a courtship.

But, Kathryn! Kathryn was a different prospect all together and a prize worthy of any man’s very best efforts.

He grinned again and put the Padd carefully in his drawer. No time like the present to begin. He keyed his comm. badge.






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