JC Eternal Presents

A Thousand Words

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words -- how many words can you make these pictures worth?


Remember the old Koffeeklub contests -- in particular, the blind-author picture contest that was Picnic Prose?  It's back -- sort of.  We have four fiddles by the wonderful Camryn: vote on which story best illustrates the pic.  All votes will be combined to find one overall winner.  Here are the pics.

Voting is now closed.  The authors and results are shown below.

Note to authors: I have placed Elorie's and my disclaimer on all entries, so as to make the only clue on who wrote what story be the story text itself.


Bittersweet Goodbye (RtoNC17) -- Kate04

Perfection -- Delta Story



A Gift of Love -- Belanna

Turbolift Confessions (NC17) -- Elem First Place!


I Never Said I Could Tango -- Delta Story

Understanding -- ufp13


Rainbows (NC17) -- Elem Second Place!

The Unthinkable -- CoriMariee Third Place!

Thanks to Camryn for the use of her fiddles

Again, send all votes (for first, second, and third places) to admiralaeris (at) charter.net by August 6.


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