Written with a Post Endgame Janeway in mind. My first angst to match the mood of the moment.

Another Night


by Cath

Rated G

Disclaimer: All Voyager characters are the property of Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended.



I watch from my window and I am reminded of another time when perpetual night drew the brightness from the sky turning my world black. Drawing a slow black blanket across my mind. Such a contrast to the sharp pain that filled me body and soul. Then I drew inwards to protect myself from my guilt.

And now another night another place and a reminder in the blackness that creeps across the fallen snow bringing with it the same dark pain at the realisation of the gradual withdrawal of his friendship. The loss of daily contact, of the warmth of his conversation, the thrum of his pulse under my hand as we touch, even a stolen glimpse of him on the comm. screen. Iím denied even the healing touch of remote technology it seems. What a fool I was not to see till all chance was gone.

Such is my isolation it surpasses even the numbness of The Void.

What did I do?

Or was it what I didnít do?

What could I have done?

The loss is a harsh punishing pain that fills my very self.

But it is my loss and I must bear it alone.




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