Stardate 50316.6 Ė Shortly After the Events of "Futures End"


Kathryn Janeway was startled at first, when the notice popped up in her schedule. She had marked the date herself, during those first chaotic days in the Delta Quadrant. Somehow, it didnít seem like the passing of two years.

She wouldnít announce the mile stone to her crew; those that cared already knew the date and would mark it in their own way. This was her reminder.

She stood, picking up the empty coffee cup intending to refill it but the panorama of stars outside her ready room window distracted her and like the swirl of a kaleidoscope drew her eye and focused her thoughts inward, upon those three people in her life that would also be marking this day.

She could almost see the formal letter, hand delivered to her mother by some anonymous Starfleet officer. It would be the communication that would declare Kathryn Janeway, Captain of the starship Voyager, officially lost and presumed dead. She grieved for her motherís heartbreak and longed for the ability to shout across the Galaxy, "Donít listen Mama, I am here, I am alive."

Her only consolation came with the knowledge that her sister Phoebe was with her mother and that they could comfort each other. The bonds of family and loving friendship can withstand the passage of time. Kathryn Janeway knew that one day she would come home to once again bask in her motherís love.

Finally, her thoughts turned to her Mark, sweet kind Mark. She searched her heart and knew that she continued to love him, as she loved Justin now and her Father, as she loved her Mother and Sister, the ties of friendship as strong as ever. However, the passion was gone; the flames of desire had died because there was no way to feed them. She would always love him but the time of being in love with him had passed and she was alone.

"Are you ok, Kathryn?" Chakotayís soft voice brought her back to the reality of her ready room and the star field that she watched through the windows. "I rang the chime but you didnít answer and I got worried."

"Oh, Chakotay! Iím ok, I just got caught up in the view there for a moment." She put her cup down, picked up the coffee server, and refilled her cup.

He moved closer stepping up to the sofas that stretched in front of the windows. "I know what today is, Kathryn, can I help?"

And with the clarity that sometimes comes in an enormous epiphany, she suddenly understood that she wasnít alone, and that desire hadnít abandoned her but had only found a different, perhaps even better vessel.

She took Chakotayís hand and drew him to the sofa, to sit beside her, and holding on to his hand she whispered, "You already have."




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