Backgrounds copyright: Neesa Perkins & Brandy Everett@DigitalDesignsUnlimited, EvilInnocence, and DarkePhazeGraphiX


Other content used: Nouschka-Design's "Japanese Flair" and "Fairy Garden", various Victoria 4 bodysuit textures asnd Trek insignia by jedman67, Amarseda hair by AprilYSH, KyokoMk3 and Updo by Kozaburo, grass models by Vanishing point, Beverly Hair and Total Eyez by Predatron 3DA, wedding dress by EvilInnocence, "Beverly Salon" by Serpentis, kirwyn's B-flats, SAMS3D's ballet studio, various V4 jewlery by stegy, vincebagna and baramdo, Indodas V4 long dress, V4 long boot by harry-cn V4 evening dress by (can't recall atm) and of course V4 and her MFD, bodysuit, and skin textures from DAZ productions.